Located in Pembroke Pines, FL, Aluma Outdoor Designs offers a wide variety of pergola designs, outdoor kitchens and other outdoor design products and services to our customers throughout the greater South Florida area.

What We Offer

These include but are not limited to:

A pergola is a specific type of gazebo designed to provide shade and cover for a walkway or sitting area. With origins dating back to 17th-century Italy, pergolas can be the perfect finishing piece to your backyard, garden or other outdoor living space. Aluma Outdoor Designs will design, manufacture and install your custom pergola with robust, high-quality materials, all at South Florida’s most competitive prices.

Pergola Designs

Outdoor Kitchens

A perfect outdoor kitchen shouldn’t just be aesthetically pleasing-- it should also be a usable space that invites you and your guests outside to cook, eat and recreate for hours on end. Aluma Outdoor Designs sources the finest building materials and the highest-quality kitchen appliances to create the most beautiful, enticing outdoor kitchens you’ll find in South Florida. If you live in Miami, Broward or Palm Beach, call Aluma Outdoor Designs to get started on the patio or backyard space of your dreams.

Our Insulated Laminated Roof Panels are manufactured with high density expanded polystyrene cores (EPS) that are uniformly bonded with heavy gauge, deep driftwood embossed aluminum skin. The resulting one-piece insulated panel system creates a patio cover with superior strength, long-term durability, high-performance insulating characteristics and a very pleasing aesthetic shade structure that will enhance your outdoor living area

The insulated roof panel creates a thermal barrier system that will not radiate the heat which is common on single skin or non insulated patio covers. Insulated roof panels also create a noise-absorbing patio cover system that reduces the loud sounds made by the heavy rain and hail. This insulated sound absorption is not common with single-skin or non-insulated patio cover systems.

Driftwood embossed ceiling panels with matching setback beans and posts give this high-performance patio cover the look and texture of natural wood without the maintenance issues associated with wood patio structures. Strong, insulated roof panels allow homeowners to walk on the top surface of the patio cover in order to access and repair the structure as needed.

Roof Panels

Skylight Systems

The skylight system easily attaches to the insulated Laminated Roof Panels utilizing the same locking mechanism, which makes it simple and easy to install with no additional training or time required. Constructed from a tough, multi-wall polycarbonate material, the skylight system is lightweight, self-supporting and thermally efficient. It protects against harsh UV rays while letting in enough natural light to brighten up your patio space.

Your insulated patio cover can be easily enclosed with screen rooms or a full patio enclosure system built from single-pane or dual-pane insulated glass windows. We want you to enjoy the openness of your outdoor living space today with the protection and peace of mind that won’t leave you worrying about tomorrow. With the addition of enclosure walls, we can add another layer of safety and security to an already-robust patio design.

Screen Rooms & Enclosures

Alumawood Designs

Alumawood designs combine the best elements of aluminum and wood. They look like wood on the outside, but they enjoy the structural benefits of an aluminum design. Alumawood designs are sun-damage-resistant, water-resistant, and immune to the dangers of termites and wood rot. Though they cost just about as much as painted wood patio covers, Alumawood users will pay less in maintenance costs over the years as the material usually does not need to be repainted or repaired. If you live in Miami, Broward or Palm Beach, call Aluma Outdoor Designs today to learn more about our Alumawood options.