How much does it cost?

The price of an Alumawood patio cover compares similarly to the price of a painted wood patio cover (although redwood and cedar are considerably more expensive). The savings is in the maintenance costs over the years, as Alumawood never has to be repainted, never rots out, and never gets termites.

Each cover has its own unique dimensions, requirements, and upgrades, but you can figure anywhere from $24 to $32 per square foot (installed). Freestanding covers are on the more expensive side, in that they utilize twice the amount of posts, headers, footings and end cuts.

Does it ever have to be repainted?


Is it waterproof?

Yes! It’s Aluminum! If it gets dirty you can just hose it off!

The solid covers are put together with a gentle slope away from the house and have a gutter and downspout system integrated into the design. Aluma Outdoor Designs considers them 100% waterproof in South Florida. Any drip or leak can easily be patched with a little extra caulking or flashing.

Aluma Outdoor Designs will gladly return to patch or repair any Alumawood patio cover within the first year of installation.

Will it rust?

No! Aluminum does not rust. The only steel in the system are the screws that hold it together, and they are all either galvanized (to prevent rusting), painted, or hidden and protected inside. If a steel insert is used within the header or posts, it is encased enough to avoid any and all unsightly rust that might occur.

Does the material come in different colors?

Yes, all Alumawood dimensions, screws, and endcaps are currently available in different colors: Lattice White, Desert Sand, Adobe, Ivory, Almond, and Spanish Brown. Multiple colors can be used.

Do I need a building permit for my Alumawood patio cover?

You will need to check with your city’s building department to determine if you need a permit. Some cities require permits for patio covers, some don’t, and some require them only for covers over a certain size.

If you are replacing an existing cover, your new Alumawood structure should be covered under the existing permit.

For a charge, Aluma Outdoor Designs will procure your necessary building permits, or we will guide you in obtaining them yourself if you wish to save on costs.

Are the Alumawood Patio Covers built to code?

Yes, the patio covers are all designed in accordance with the Uniform Florida Building Code and are built to the specifications in the engineering plans provided by the manufacturer.

Will my Homeowner’s Association approve it?

Most HOAs are now familiar with the Alumawood product and are satisfied with patio covers due to their attractive quality and fire safe material. However, some older HOA’s have a blanket rule of “No aluminum patio covers” which often refers to the uglier, corrugated-style ceiling covers of the 60s and 70s. Any obstinate HOAs can usually be convinced with a manufacturer’s brochure, product sample, and Aluma Outdoor Designs reference.

Additionally, the manufacturer’s color choices have been selected with modern housing tracts color schemes in mind, and so should not be a problem in an HOA review.

Aluma Outdoor Designs will be happy to provide any materials needed to expedite your approval process.

Will Alumawood Patio Covers withstand high winds?

They are built to withstand 156 mph winds in Broward County and 164 mph winds in Dade county

Is the Alumawood hollow?

Yes, every piece is hollow except for the Insulated patio cover. These have a styrofoam insert which removes any hollow sounds and reduces denting.

Does Alumawood come in different gauges (thicknesses) of aluminum?

Yes, Alumawood comes in varying thicknesses. Do not be fooled by the wily salesman who will claim that their aluminum cover material is thicker and heavier than Alumawood. Different pieces are of differing thicknesses, and different lengths call for different gauges. Aluma Outdoor Designs builds each patio cover to the specifications called for in the manufacturer’s engineering tables, and upgrades the gauge whenever it seems close to the next level. There is no need for a heavier gauge than is called for in the engineering plans, but Aluma Outdoor Designs will be happy to use any gauge desired by the customer.

Will I be able to hang plants or lights from it?

Yes. Of course, any potted plant that weighs, say, over 50 pounds is going to put undue stress on a 2″ piece of lattice -be it aluminum or wood. The 2x6s and 3x8s are more than strong enough to support hanging items such as plants and lights.

Is it possible to hang a porch swing or hammock from it?

Though Aluma Outdoor Designs does not recommend hanging a swing or hammock from a patio cover and assumes no liability for such, some of our customers have successfully hung hammocks from our steel re-enforced 3×8 headers and posts.

Does it make noise when it rains?

A little bit. But the gentle echoing of a rare Southern Florida rain pitter-pattering on a solid Alumawood patio cover would lull even the most colicky of us to sleep.

How much shade will it provide?

As much as you desire!

A solid ceiling cover will, of course, provide 100% shade. A lattice cover with the lattice spaced at the same width as each individual piece (e.g. 2″x2″ lattice spaced at 2″) will provide 50% shade when the sun is directly overhead, but near 100% shade for much of the day.

The lattice spacing can easily be increased or decreased if more or less shade is desired.

How much does it weigh?

Compared to wood -hardly anything. A typical 10’x10′ cover, including the posts, endcaps and screws, weighs only about 125 pounds!

Does it dent or scratch?

Alumawood can dent or scratch, but so can real wood. Admittedly, a scratch is more natural-looking on real wood and unsightly on aluminum -which is why Aluma Outdoor Designs can provide customers with a complimentary bottle of manufacturer’s touch-up paint at no additional cost. You may never have to use it, but it’s nice to have!

How is Alumawood any better than competing brands of a similar product?

Alumawood is only available from Amerimax, a company that has been around for more than 50 years. You receive a limited lifetime warranty from an established company who originated the product. Competing companies offer a poorly designed wood-grain finish that is more pronounced, allowing it to catch more dirt and dust over time, thereby exaggerating the wood-grain look and giving it a more “fake” feel to it. The more subtle wood-grain design by Amerimax is, in the mind of Aluma Outdoor Designs, a superior one.

Aluma Outdoor Designs will be happy to sell you any product you desire, but we offer what we feel is the best.